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About Us

At GENTLE, we listen to what women want to have in their most intimate piece of garment, not found in other bras on the market.

It all began one day when a filial daughter decided to do something about her mother's incessant back and shoulder pains resulting from ill-fitting bras. Heartbroken but determined, she took the old sewing machine with some measuring tapes, and worked day and night to come up with a new bra for her mother.

The rest is history. With so much improvements on her chronic back pains, the mother and daughter want to share their solution generously with other women in every parts of the world.


With great awareness that many other women are not as fortunate as ourselves to have the luxury of health and choice, we believe in giving back.

As such, we are a proud sponsor of Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. The fountain helps ending breast cancer through advocacy, education, and scientific research.

We are a small family-run business. To date we have donated $5,000 and have a goal to donate more in 2019!